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Justification Tips

Attending the EDCO’s 64th Annual Conference, EvolveON, will be the most costeffective professional and organizational development choice you make all year.  It is the most relevant and denselypacked educational and networking opportunity available to economic development practitioners like you.  The informative keynote addresses, workshop sessions, and other learning opportunities will enable you to expand your industry knowledge, learn about leading-edge trends, share new ways to improve productivity and competitiveness, and enhance the practice of economic development to ensure that your community is ready to lean into the challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

We understand that training budgets are not unlimited.  Here are tips to support your case to attend EvolveON:

Tip number 1

Focus specifically on what you will bring to the organization as return for the investment, and how this will benefit your work, your organization’s goals, and the community.  For example, what sessions will have immediate impact on your work?  What partners will you connect with and how will this help your organization?  Which experts will you have access to and what knowledge would you bring back to share with your organization?

Tip number 2

After the conference you will take valuable knowledge back to your colleagues and management team.  Offer to deliver a briefing to them to share what you learned so that they will receive the benefits of your participation.

Tip number 3

As a delegate, you will have access to all of the recorded sessions and speaker materials.

Tip number 4

Be ready with a plan that shows who will cover for you while you are attending the conference.

Tip number 5

Ask “what is the cost of NOT participating,” in terms of both your ability to stay abreast of new developments and missing valuable tools, perspectives, and relationships that will help your organization anticipate, adapt, and take action to evolve your community, particularly over the next year.

Tip number 6

Be sure to check out the registration pages where all the various flextible and afforadable rate packages are listed.

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